Introducing our Giant Breed Formulas

At Next Level, we’re so excited to introduce our family of food formulated for giant breeds. We’re passionate about these big beautiful dogs, and we know giant breed dog owners are too. Now you’ve got the nutrition to feed them better.

Giant breeds are built differently — weighing 80 to 100 pounds and more as adults. They take almost twice as long as others to fully mature, plus their joints are under daily stress. Until now, there hasn’t been anything out there that effectively supports them.

Very large dog standing outside in rocky field next to the sea

Our philosophy is feed them right, right from the start. When you start feeding them properly as puppies, you get the very most from your giant breed dog.

Next Level has everything to maximize their performance and their longevity, in the right amounts – “more” isn’t always better! One of the most amazing things about Next Level is our precision around macrominerals, specifically controlled calcium. That’s so important to our biggest breeds. We guarantee calcium levels below 1.5% in our giant breed formulas, because research shows that it supports their long-term whole body health.

You’ll find three formulas for each stage of your dog’s life:
three giant breed formula bags: puppy + growth, active adult, and mature adult

Each is scientifically formulated to deliver exactly what your big breed dog needs, when they need it.

You can learn more about our full line of products here. Look for us in your area — and be sure to ask for our Giant Breed formulas at your favorite stores.
It's Time for Next Level Production is Full Speed Ahead