Production is Full Speed Ahead

Exciting things are happening at our Next Level plant! We are running full speed ahead with product efficiently rolling through production. This really is super premium dog food because you can see the quality in every piece of kibble coming off the line.

Puppy walking outside carrying empty food bowl in it's mouth

We’ve come so far since we first broke ground for the plant. Our operations team is working diligently to produce each one of our dog food formulas. The quality controls and streamlined processes are all in place and running smoothly – even better than we hoped.

Even as pallets are moving out the door, we're continuing to work on adding warehouse space. This way, we can ensure we’re keeping up with distribution needs and product demand. We said we’re blowing away industry standards, and we meant it.

Next Level will be available at retailers very soon — so be sure to look for us in your local stores. Every day we are moving closer to having Next Level in your dog’s bowl!

Introducing our Giant Breed Formulas We're Rolling Out to You